Statewide Event

The statewide activity provides a unified tobacco-focused message that is implemented by all youth coalitions during a specific period of time. The statewide activity was collaboratively designed by the Youth Action Board, Adult Advisory Board, and UpRISE staff.
2020 Statewide Event: Inspiring youth today for a better tomorrow
UpRISE is Colorado’s social justice youth tobacco control movement. UpRISE supports 20 youth coalitions across the state. UpRISE is led by our Youth Action Board. These young people work to make effective social change in their communities by supporting tobacco control policy as well as addressing the root causes of youth nicotine use. Each year, the UpRISE Youth Action Board, along with adult tobacco control partners, plans and executes a statewide activity. This is UpRISE’s third year, and despite COVID-19 programming impacts, UpRISE’s youth leaders continued to meet and plan a Statewide Activity for all UpRISE youth to feel connected and empowered. After a year of incredible hardship and deepening inequities, UpRISE’s Youth Action Board created an idea for an art book that could create a sense of belonging despite social isolation and highlight youth’s voices of strength, resilience, and hope. This year’s Statewide Activity is an art and poetry compilation centered around youth leading today and tomorrow, as a reminder that the work and passion done today will impact our future and young people should be proud and recognized for the work they do.

We invite you to be inspired by youth today, and tomorrow.
2019 Statewide Event: Web of Influence

For the activity, each coalition received an oversize web banner  and 30 different cards that highlighted different social justice issues related to tobacco and vape companies. The coalitions planned and executed an event between April 1 and April 20th. Coalition members hung the “Web of Influence” banners in community settings and encouraged other youth and adults to learn about how the tobacco and vape industry abuses power. Community member’s committed to using their own web of influence to resist the tobacco and vape industry in
their communities.

In total, over 1,000 youth and adults participated in the
2019 statewide activity. Activities were implemented in school walkways, outside of youth centers, and during community events such as queer prom.