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Tobacco and vape companies contribute to climate change


The growth, production, marketing, and consumption of tobacco is bad for the environment. Tobacco farming causes deforestation and puts harmful chemicals into the soil. Producing tobacco causes a lot of toxic waste. Finally cigarette and vape product packaging pollute our ecosystems.

American Cancer Society - Tobacco Atlas

Kids in Malawi and in the US are involved in farming tobacco


Children and youth are exploited by the tobacco industry. The big tobacco farms create a system of debt bondage that largely exploits migrant families. Due to lack of childcare in the US, children often work in the fields with their parents.

Labor RIghts - Malawi Debt Bondage

Cigarette butts decompose


Cigarette butts are not biodegradable. The filter is made out of plastic fibers that do not decompose. Animals will eat cigarette butts introducing harmful chemicals into the food chain, affecting several aspects of the environment.

Berkley - Tobacco Facts

You can safely throw vape pens and Juuls away without hurting the environment


Vape products can have wide ranging negative effects on the environment and can be considered biohazardous waste. Most vape products contain a lithium ion battery which should not be thrown into the garbage. If the battery gets into a landfill, it can leach heavy metals into the groundwater, contaminating the water we drink.

Physorg - vaping pens hurting environment

Tobacco companies used to give away free tobacco products to homeless shelters and mental health facilities


Tobacco industry documents show that tobacco companies targeted psychiatric facilities with product promotions and giveaways during the 1980s and 1990s, and that facilities also requested cigarette donations.

Truth Initiative - tobacco as a social justice
issue: mental health

When a person exhales a vape cloud, it is only water vapor


When a person blows out the smoke from an electronic cigarette or Juul, they are exhaling nano (super small) particles of heavy metals, nicotine and other chemicals such as acetone and formaldehyde.

Americans for nonsmokers rights

When we increase the price of tobacco products it doesn’t impact smoking rates


Increasing the price of tobacco products by increasing taxes is a proven way to decrease tobacco use and decrease deaths related to tobacco.

American Journal of Public Health

School staff can prevent tobacco use by dedicating their time, interest, attention, and emotional support to students.


Creating a sense of belonging at school can reduce the likelihood of risky behaviors among adolescents.

Nicotine & Tobacco Research