Example Projects

As part of first year activities, each UpRISE coalition created an arts-based project to elevate the root cause they identified. These projects highlighted how systems have failed young people, and gave them a way to present their findings to an adult in their community.

The Bridge Project educates about the tobacco and vape industry

The Bridge Project is an after school program that serves youth K-12th grade who live in Denver’s public housing neighborhoods. The high school group at Bridge created this video to inform others about how the tobacco misuses power.

Outreach in Grand County, CO

The students from East Grand High School presented to the school board. Their project was a recorded interview with the School Resource Officer. During their presentation, the youth introduced UpRISE and provided an overview of the work they did all year. The students also led the Statewide Activity “Tobacco & vape industry’s web of influence” with the board. The UpRISE coalition decided to highlight specific justice-related issues on the statewide event cards for the board to hear. Everyone was invited to use their web of influence to resist the tobacco industry and inform others.

Improving relationships at Wheatridge High School

The student group of sophomores and juniors at Wheatridge High School identified that relationships with teachers were a root cause of tobacco and nicotine use. They shared interviews with peers with their principal, and were invited to provide an in-service training for their teachers to strengthen relationships between teachers and students.